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View of one the Art Deco Lounges aboard the Artship
Community Commons
on the Artship
A different view of the same Art Deco Salon on the Artship
Gathering space of community
groups on the Artship.(1999-2004)

Drawing of figures creating a spiral in the golden mean proportions
Drawing by Augusto Ferrriols, founding member of Artship and co-creatorin all of its programs for over ten years. The drawing reproduced here is one of many he made specially for notes of Artship performances.

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Mission Statement

Drawing of hands holding up an model ocean liner
Spiral in a performance in one of the cargo holds aboard the Artship

The ARTSHIP mission is to offer broad access to the transforming powers of the creative process and to present new opportunities for breakthrough thinking and creative work.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we collaborate with diverse artists, arts agencies, foundations, and other socially relevant organizations. We intend to emancipate Culture Making as a convening force in the re-creation and re-interpretation of the "Community Commons." Our work addresses the current need to reinforce and protect the rights of people to gather and celebrate in public places.

As Approved By the ARTSHIP Foundation Board of Directors: April 2005

Performer in Art in the Park
Art in the Park performance
Woman dancer with an orange shawl

Board of Directors

ARTSHIP Foundation Board of Directors

Members of the ARTSHIP Foundation Board of Directors represent a diverse group of dedicated individuals with extensive personal and professional experience in the creative arts, non-profit arts organization management, business and financial management, secondary and higher education, the professions, and volunteer organizations.


President. Martha Zlatar. A graduate of the University of New Orleans, with a BS in marketing, Martha also holds the MBA degree from the European University in Brussels. She has extensive experience in international business, marketing and event management, and has worked in New Orleans for the Louisiana International Trade Center, and in New York City before settling in San Francisco.

Martha currently is principal of ArtMatch, a consultancy she founded that provides coaching and advice to mid-career artists in both creative and business matters. She also has worked as director of the Artist Outreach Program at the San Francisco Small Business Development Center. Born in Colombia, Martha is fluent in Spanish and speaks conversational French. She was elected to the board in 2010.

Secretary. Dr. Scott Lankford. Currently professor of English at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Scott received his doctorate and master's degrees in modern thought and literature from Stanford University and bachelor's degree in philosophy from Williams College. His research interests include ecophilosophy, the literature of California, Lake Tahoe and Mt. Everest. His doctoral dissertation was John Muir and the Nature of the America. In addition to teaching at Foothill College for over 17 years, including a year at Foothill Campus Abroad in Paris, Scott has served the college as co-director of its Cultural Diversity Center and dean of its Language Arts Division. He also served as assistant director of the Stanford University Writing Center for two years.

Scott teaches or has taught basic composition, reading and writing skills, as well as introductory courses in creative writing, poetry and literary theory, and survey courses in American literature and California, Native American and Gay & Lesbian literatures. His CV includes nine publications and 15 presentations.

Treasurer. Mark Woyshner. A principal and co-founder of Balance Hydrologies, Inc., in Berkeley, Mark has over 25 years of innovative field and modeling-based consulting experience. His work has emphasized investigations in ground-water resources, stream flow sourcing and sediment transport, habitat hydrology, vadose-zone hydrology, coastal and alpine wetlands, water rights, and hydrogeology of tailings and mines.

Mark's undergraduate degree in forestry is from the University of California, Berkeley, and he received the MS degree in civil engineering and applied mechanics from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, where he also received a graduate diploma in ground water. His CV includes 14 publications as co-author. A board member since 2010, and resident of San Rafael, Mark enjoys exploring wild nature and playing guitar with emphasis on medieval music.


Slobodan Dan Paich, Executive & Artistic Director, ARTSHIP Foundation, San Francisco, CA. Slobodan is a founding member of ARTSHIP Foundation and has been a board member since 1992, serving as its president until 2002. He is the principal choreographer and artistic director for Artship Dance/Theater, and is the coordinator for Artship Visual Arts & Community/Cultural Commons initiatives. He also served as director of arts and culture on the board of directors of the International Peace Foundation, Berlin & Vienna from 1996 to 2002. Never far from the rehearsal process in the theater, he has taught performing visual arts and architecture at major performing, visual arts and architecture schools and studios in United States, England, Germany and Italy. During the past two decades in the Bay Area, Mr. Paich initially taught architecture at UC Berkeley, mostly about the architecture of theaters and performance venues, and has been involved in a number of large-scale community projects, working daily with artists, actors, dancers, writers and directors in nurturing and actualizing personal and collective dreams. He has received many community, state and national awards for art, performance and numerous local, state and national awards for his work in bringing arts and culture-making into the community. His international awards include the UNESCO Prize for architecture for continuing education and he was selected to exhibit New Academia Bridge Proposal at the Venice Biennale. Slobodan's undergraduate degree is from the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts and he holds the MFA degree from The Royal College of Art, London.

Frank J. Giunta, President, Connaissance International, Oakland, CA. A board member since 2000 and its president since 2002, Frank was a senior financial manager at UC Berkeley for most of his career. For the past ten years he has been in consulting practice in the fields of knowledge-based and culturally-based economic development, with major engagements nationally and internationally with the Academy for Educational Development, the United Nations Development Program, other government and non-government organizations and higher education. His undergraduate degree in literature and physics is from the University of Pennsylvania, his Master's work in literature was completed at San Francisco State, and he is a doctoral candidate in the humanities program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco. His professional practice focuses on building productive relationships between business, community and arts enterprises, and his creative interests are in verse and metaphysics.

H. Reid Shaw, JD. Reid received his undergraduate degree in social sciences from the University of Chicago, and law degree from Georgetown University. He also holds a Certificate in Homeopathy from the Hahnemann Academy of North America.

Reid practiced visa and nationality law in New York City from 1977 to 1995 with international law firms of Marks Murase and Fragomen Del Ray, and as a solo practitioner. A substantial part of his clientele was in education and the arts whose cases often called for unconventional strategies to satisfy legal criteria for benefits. Since 1995 Reid has been a clinical practitioner and teacher of homeopathy, flower essence therapy and spiritual healing, with clientele throughout the Americas and Eurasia. He has co-authored two books, "Cure Yourself with Curare," with Alexandre de Monmorency, and "Taoist Secrets of Love," with Man Tak Chia.

Reid served for two years on the Waldorf Institute board of directors, and currently serves on the board of Steiner Books, Great Barrington, MA. He has studied harp since 1997, with emphasis on early music, and also is a eurythmy student focusing on therapeutic and theurgic practices. Reid speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

Directors Emeriti Non-Voting Lifetime Board Members
Directors emeriti are founding members of ARTSHIP Foundation who continue to work with and support our programs and initiatives.

Capt. Ray Addicott (USN, Ret.), Director Emeritus. Capt. Addicott served on the Board for eight years and is the immediate past Chair of the board. He is president of Training Resources, Ltd., Inc., a firm that provides maritime job training programs in partnership with high schools in northern and southern California. A graduate of the University of Washington, Ray had a distinguished career as a U.S. Navy officer and faculty member at the California Maritime Academy. He was instrumental in helping the Foundation select and receive the TS Golden Bear to become the ARTSHIP.

Patricia Bath, M.D., Director Emerita. Dr. Bath served on the board for eight years, and is the inventor of the Cataract Laserphacoprobe, the medical instrument used to remove cataracts from the eye. Dr. Bath was the first Black female surgeon appointed to UCLA Medical School faculty in 1975, and is credited with the founding of the Student National Medical Association along with other Howard University students. She also was its first president.

Augusto Ferriols, Director Emeritus. Mr. Ferriols served on the board for ten years, holding the office of Secretary, and as co-director of the Augustino Dance Theater (now ARTSHIP Dance/Theater) through 2002. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, Augusto founded DesignSpektrum, a graphic design and web development company, and works as an Art Director for Comcast Entertainment Group, Print & Online Design.

Hallie Williams, Director Emerita. A founding member of ARTSHIP Foundation and board member since 1992, Hallie has served as board treasurer for four years, and as board chair since 2001. Hallie's undergraduate degree in psychology is from the University of California at Berkeley. She did graduate work in social sciences and town planning at Cornell University and completed her master's degree in transformative leadership at Saint Mary's College, Moraga. In addition to her professional and personal work with at-risk youth and African-American faith-based organizations, Hallie participates in various ethnic dance expressions.

Prior Board Members

Over the years many dedicated people have served on the ARTSHIP Foundation Board of Directors. Here is a partial list of prior board member, most of whom continue to support our programs and initiatives.

  • Claudia Albano, City of Fremont planning director, Berkeley, CA
  • Margaret Bertrand, International Marketing Executive, now residing in San Luis Obispo County, CA
  • Jeannette DesBoines, Visual Artist
  • Gordon Fulton, President, Concept Marine, Inc., Oakland, CA
  • Daniel Harris, Visual Artist and Poet, Oakland, CA
  • Bruce Lawrence, MD, Family Medicine Practice, Oakland, CA
  • Mary O'Donnell, Rear Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard, Alameda, CA>
  • Tom Sargent, Principal, Community Equity Builders, San Francisco, CA
  • Marguerite Welch, Lecturer, St. Mary's College, & HR/Organization Development Consultant, Oakland, CA

Management & Governance


ARTSHIP Foundation was incorporated as a California not-for-profit charitable and public benefit organization in August 1992 in Oakland , California . The Foundation relocated its headquarters office to San Francisco , California in January 2004.

Internal Revenue Determination

ARTSHIP Foundation received a determination letter from the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in 1995, reconfirmed in 1999, that ARTSHIP Foundation is qualified as a tax-exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The State of California Franchise Tax Board has made a similar determination. Contributions and donations to ARTSHIP Foundation are fully deductible, to the extent permitted by Federal and state laws. Federal I.D. Number: 94-3210894

Board of Directors

The Articles of Incorporation provide for a Board of Directors consisting of up to 5 members.