Let Me Tell You

Serkeci dancers

In words, songs, gestures and minimal dance
Like a child needing to tell, like a child needing to hear stories, we open a curiousity and flow with narrative moments with and for you, from us. Reviving the sense that each story needs a little time to develop and open. We invite you to enter a non-pressurized time, away from flickering sound bites into a space of expanded time all the way from the origins of myth, simply, discretely into our selves and clothes.

August 15 at 7pm – O'Hanlan Art Center
August 16 at 8pm – Berkeley home
August 17 at 4pm – Bonnafont Gallery

Narrative Moment Cradled by

  • Zia Burchert
  • Ali Tahbaz
  • Azadeh Ahadian
  • Mitchell Perilla
  • Slobodan Dan Paich

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