October 11, 2005

CoExistence Performance

Artship's performance celebrates the co-existence of different qualities in the same space: one world inhabited by imaginary and real people. Revelers at the Gala co-exist with the performers, a band of Itinerant musicians, dancers and actors from all over the world. Like secular, contemporary art Magi, they bring intangible gifts to the evening. Several ambassadors of the people of the air inhabit the trees: they care for and work in their own elements, inadvertently performing at the Gala.

Co-existence is a continuation of Artship's collaborative work towards redefining delight and involvement with parks.

The performance was conceived, directed and designed by Slobodan Dan Paich and performed by members of Artship Dance/Theater with guest artists.

Egg shaped sculpture hanging in a tree


Images from video by Kerry Yates