Radiance Unfolding

July 24, 2005

Radiance Unfolding Performance
Radiance Unfolding Performance

Artship Dance/Theater under direction of Slobodan Dan Paich performed an anti-war segment, a simple movement sequence, with a life size effigy calling the names of fallen solders on all sides of all wars. It is an adaptation for this occasion of the final sequence, now in progress, of our current production Tarantella, Tarantula to be performed in San Francisco and Europe in 2006-07 season.

Dancers, Actors, Singers : Catrina Kaupat, Tom Franco, Mardi Van Winkle, Dianne Landelle, Barbara Vos, Mira Bruzas.and Caitlin Croughan

Musicians : Suellen Primost (Cello), Johan Kadyk (Clarinet & Steel Drum)

Effigy of the soldier made by Naathaniel Bolton

Photographs by Robert du Domaine

Artship Dance/Theatre will Perform at the San Francisco Theater Festival July 24, 2005

Radiance Unfolding: Duet with Effigy of a soldier

Mardi van Winkle rehearsing with the effigy of a soldier


Photographs by Robert du Domaine