Upon Textiles

The Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco, March 8–18, 2013

An Exhibition where Daria Huuga, Pablo Vindel Moruno and Slobodan Dan Paich share their appreciation of textiles and each other's work. In the extremely gadget orientated world of today, the act of embroidering, appliqué and staining can become the advocate for handmade by contributing to the ecology of brain and inner functions and counterbalancing the gratuitous invasion of the personal, subjective space by advertising and decontextualized information.

Also the attention needed for embroidery, needlework, appliqué and staining can remedies a general loss of the ability to concentrate, persevere and sustain an activity.

Above all the exhibited works on textiles are personal acts of expression, connection to materials and technics that become a means to poetic communication and sharing.

Upon Textiles

Daria Huugaa, Ukrainian artist interpretive cross-stitch embroideries
Slobodan Dan Paich tea and ink drawings on textiles
Pablo Vindel Moruno, Spanish artist appliqué on textile, inspired by geography

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Pablo Vindel Moruno is the 2014 Merry Blessing Fellow at Artship Foundation