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The Bonnafont Gallery, San Francisco, August 17–27, 2014

Artship Initiatives San Francisco and halka art project Istanbul
In anticipation of Artship's 30th anniversary in 2018 we reflect on a continuing practice and presence in communities of the San Francisco Bay Area and at the same time celebrate the last 3 years of an ongoing partnership with halka art project in Istanbul. Two-city programming has emerged as a way of giving voice to a diversity of contemporary expressions and artists.

Spiraling around continuity and solidarity this nonlinear history and new partnership hope to signal immersion and engagement.

Old Memories New Links

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  • Augusto Ferriols
  • Dennis Ledbetter
  • Gozde Gungor
  • Barbaros Kayan
  • Sezgi Abalı Attal
  • Slobodan Dan Paich
  • Pablo Vindal Moruno
  • Nikhil Sarma
old memories new links

Igor Ivan Sapic, artist in residence on the Artship with the project Message in a Bottle 2001