Slobodan Dan Paich  Comparative Culture Papers

Presented October 31st — November 2nd, 2008 at the 4th Global Conference, Pluralism, Inclusion & Citizenship: A Diversity and Recognition Project, Salzburg, Austria.

More Than One Kind

Diversity, integration and immigrant experience and new cultural paradigms

Slobodan Dan Paich, Director, Artship Foundation, San Francisco, USA

Reflection, probing and open ended speculations about social plurality and culture making based on examples from number of large scale community projects cared by Artship Foundation in the last twenty years. This paper is not an attempt to idealize a practice or come with any universal answers but to share the successes and straggles of number of project tackling diversity, immigrant experience and integration.

Multivalent needs

Look at multiple tensions in the societies and places where diversity abandons but is not addressed.

In the highly commercialized virtual and real space there are emerging new paradigms of convening. Examples from Artship initiatives both as redefining a real, historic ship and as programs in the community will be sited.

History as burden – History as treasure

Nationalism, the glorification of war and conquest, and the subjugation of peoples, all have obscured the many instances of benevolent and far-reaching interactions between settled cultures and itinerants and strangers.

There are many examples—since prehistory forward —among the artifacts brought from distant places. Along with these artifacts came people, skills, an understanding of materials, lore and ideas. Following those exchanges may offer new paradigms and meaningful antecedents.

Personal Mastery and collective needs

Addressing “Crisis of Perseverance,” was Artship's response to a contemporary problem among youth of having no role models or witnessing success through perseverance. Artists are the embodiment of achievable mastery, hence the name “Artship,” an exciting, ever changing campus surrounding a hardcore training programs.

Access to traditional and electronically enhanced skills

In closing paper addresses some meta-questions raised by electronic globalization, democratization of information and de-contextualized information affecting all cultural fields and the creation of new and original work.