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The workshops are intended to share and incorporate over 40 years of multidisciplinary art practice. The workshops are intended for professional practicing artists. They are a combination of Master Classes and Inspirational Explorations.

The workshops will be lead by Slobodan Dan Paich, company director and members of Artship Ensemble. The fee for the workshops is negotiable.

photographs by David Pang

1. Embodying Ideas Workshop – A Professional Workshop
Acting for Dancers-Dancing for Actors / Crossing disciplines towards a total theater expression

Description: This workshop helps participants refine their personal ways of embodying ideas.

Workshop Outline and Topics:

Tuning, Moving
From Open Process to Thematic Kernels
“Chance Favors the Prepared” – Improvisations
Embodying Ideas -- Visible and Invisible
Public and Private – Actor’s / Dancer’s Body
Dancer’s Secret
I and Not I – Paradox of Acting
Costume as Talisman
Personification Process – Individual Character
Tangible and Implied Architecture of Performance Space
Group Dialogue -- Non-verbal Edge
Mini Performance



2. Performance for Visual Artists Workshop.  This project responds to the great interest among visual artists in creating temporal pieces that are extensions of their work and that may be unsuitable for theater. A rudimentary knowledge of communicating visual ideas in time greatly helps to clarify and generate imaginative works in the context of performance for an audience.  The workshop is based on S.D. Paich’s lifetime of experience in working in traditional, non-traditional and non-theater situations, as well as working with visual artists as performers and nurturing diverse and multidisciplinary talent.
Performance for Visual Artists Workshop

collaboration S. D. Paich & A. Ferriols

Workshop Outline and Topics:

Meeting of the Artists.
Sharing samples, 1- 2 diapositives, photos, or actual work,
of participating artists.
If actors and dancers are participating bring a photograph
from a performance.

Mini- Warm Up. Lyricism of the Body.
Non-dancers can do this seated in a chair.

Space and Visual Boundaries. Energizing the Space for the
Body as Focus, Object/Art as Focus.

Audience as Focus, Participation through Empathy.
Action Participation.

Timing. Composition in Time. Modalities of Organizing Time.
Sequence As Messenger.

Participants' Ideas as Individual Pieces for Future Work.
Collaborations and Co-Creation.
Collective Work of the Day's Participants.


installation by Igor Ivan Sapic
Artship archives

3. Bathing in Sound, Listening to Silence Workshop. Responding to the deep need to express through sound, this workshop consists of simple tuning and singing together at the edges, of feeding our bodies with beautiful sound and nourishing our inner worlds.
This workshop will be led by Slobodan Dan Paich, with Suellen Primost (cello) and Anadiane Landelle (voice).

No previous experience of singing or tuning is needed.

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